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Zhejiang Weiqixin Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd is a private enterprise which is founded and developed after the policy of Reform and Opening. Presently, it is not only the first level network member of the Energy Ahead, SINOPEC and CNOOC, but also the export network member of China Petroleum Technology & Development Corporation.
Zhejiang Weiqixin Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd lies in Zhejiang coastland of Yangtze River Delta region, which owns the regional environment of developed science and technology and a galaxy of talent and relies on the scientific research of oil production research institute of the oilfield. The company possesses strong scientific and technical potency, advanced manufacturing installation, scientific test procedure and perfect quality certification system. Since 2005 our products have been certified by API ISO9001: 2000, ISO/TS29001 system certification, Quality Specification of petroleum, petroleum chemistry and natural gas industry issued by American Petroleum Institute (API Spec Q1), Specification for Subsurface Safety Valve(API Spec 14A)and Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries- Downhole Equipment-Packers and Bridge Plugs (API Spec 11D1), which lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.
Presently, Zhejiang Weiqixin Petroleum Machinery Co. Ltd is in possession of  products such as the SCSSV subsurface safety valve series, the DESP packer(electric pump packer) series, the various packer series, the multi-purpose tubing anchor series, the downhole three-phase separator series, the tubing compensator series, the sucker rod centralizer series and so on.
The SCSSV subsurface safety valve series not only can be applicable to the common well, but also can keep from corrosion in the well with hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Therefore they are widely used in oil and gas wells, for example in offshore oilfields, western oilfields in China and oilfields in Kazakhstan.
The DESP packer (electric pump packer) series are applicable to ESP producing well, which are of full product specifications and corollary equipments.
The packer series are of full rig equipment supply, excellent performance, reliable quality, so they widely win the high opinion of consumers. At present they are used by numerous consumers in Midwest and overseas oilfields.
The multi-purpose tubing anchor series are novel and compact tools combining anchor function and drainage oil function, which are applied to anchor the conventional oil well pump in vertical wells, inclined wells and directional wells.
The characteristic of three-phase separator series is that a machine serves several purposes. They expertly accomplish the separation of the sludge, liquid and gas by the characteristic of rod pumping, which are proof against sand and gas so as to increase the crude output. Furthermore they are of simple construction technology and easy operation.
The sucker rod centralizer series are of two kinds, pour plug type and piston ri
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