Oil well-repair machine

  The Oil Well-repair Machine is a basic equipment in the process of developing for oil and natural gas, including many kinds of types of XJ110、XJ135、 XJ160、 XJ180 and XJ225.The oil Well-repair Machine is a self-moving carrier traveled by the carrier and the devices over-carrier with the CATERPILLAR diesel engine and the ALLISON drive housing to operate, and with the machinery, hydraulic pressure, pneumatic and electric apparatus to take operating control. It is possessed of the simple, reliable, secure and low labour strength features, and is suitable for drilling well and repairing well operating in the situation of the various circumstances.
The cost of introducing:
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Contact information:
Haicheng Petroleum Machinery Manufacture Limited Company
West Sifangtai Town Haicheng City Liaoning Province[114218]
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