Surface Test Tree

Date: 30 Dec 2009

Features Specifications:

Surface test tree (flowhead) supports the test string and provides a means of surface well control when completing, testing, or performing live well intervention operations. Two off-wing valves connect to the kill and flow manifolds to control the flow of the wellbore fluids.

Valve actuators are controlled from a console located on the rig floor and link to the emergency shutdown system for the flow wing valve. This configuration allows for remote shut-in of the well at the flowhead. The handling sub attached to the top of the flowhead valve block is used to tension the flowhead and the riserlanding string.

The handling sub also provides an interface to the surface wireline or coiled tubing equipment. A dynamic swivel is located between the main valve block and the lower master valve, allowing rotation of the string without rotating the flowhead, and preventing any rig movement from transferring torque into the riser or landing string.

?Provides at least two surface pressure barriers
?Swivel allows rotation of the string without rotating the flowhead
?Allows a kill line to be connected for pressure testing, injection, or killing the well
?Allows tools to be introduced and run into the well through the swab valve
?Comply with API Spec. 6A and NACE MR 0175
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