40Mpa Send Washing Truck

Date: 29 Jun 2010
The Sand Washing Truck is a special equipment which has four uses , sand washing, sand washing fluid-handing, flushing and crude oil recovery.  Sand washing besides, this truck can treat the returning fluid from well, and it can also isolate sand, water, oil in the fluid, then the sand can be discharged at any time or appointed place, the separated oil can becollected into recovered oil tank, the water can be recycled
The equipment specification
Max. working pressure of triplex plug pump: 39.3 Mpa(diameter φ100mm)
Max. pump discharge: 1.34 m3/min(diameter φ115mm)
Water treatment amount: 90 m3/h
Oil recovered percent: ≥80%
Desand percent: 99%
Contact information:
Tonghua Petro-chemical Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
No 2607, Jianshe Street Tonghua City, Jilin Province[134000]
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