Flushing fluid truck

Date: 29 Jun 2010

Flushing fluid truck is environmental equipement which can flush the oil field injection well circularly.the truck remove oil and suspended matter of returning sewage, it can achieve flushing with pressure,back flush.the truck is easy operating, high performance, and in the domastic leading level.
Main specifications:
1. Max. Flushing volume: 1059ft3/h (30m3/h)
2. Max. Flushing pressure: 5075psi (935Mpa)
3. Water treatment equipment working pressure:
        Cyclone desander: ≤145psi (1.0Mpa)
        Rapid filter: ≤58psi (0.4Mpa)
4. Suitable medium temperature: 0~60℃
5. Suitable medium:
        Oil content: ≤2000mg/L
        Suspended substance: ≤2000mg/L
6. Post treatment water quality: ≤15mg/L


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